Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dust off the History Books

Why does it have to be so dull? I mean I sat through all those history class in grade school and high school. Yet, I can’t remember most of it. It’s just so Dusty. So when my sister told me she needed to brush up on her US History (because she just passed the Jeopardy audition.) I was at a loss of where she could go without falling asleep. Then suddenly I had the Answer.

She could Shmoop!

Do you shmoop?

You don’t!!! You haven’t even heard of it!!! My oh my.

Shmoop is US history without the dust. It covers other topics too but the history part…
My favorite section of the history review is the “why should I care?” part. It tells me exactly how those past events shape my life today. The timeline part is great too. Oh, and a test review section! I kinda feel like shmoop said “How can we get Amy to learn her history” and then stuck it up on the net.

Huzzah for Shmoop!

You should shmoop. Try it!

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