Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's so dangerous it's delicious!

I just finished the best audio book of 2008. I have always been a James Patterson fan, but I'll admit, I was a little worried about this new alien hunter series. I am so glad that my love for his writing trumped my fear because I fell in love with this recording.
The story itself was great with the typical fast moving plots and unexpected twists that you expect from Patterson. What made this experience so amazing, though, was the reading itself. Milo Ventimiglia, the hunky guy who plays Peter Petrelli on Heroes, does a stellar job depicting the countless characters. How he managed to make aliens sound so normal is beyond me.
If you've never listened to a book on CD before, start with this one. Still not convinced that audio books are the way to go? We carry this title in traditional book form as well. I have it on good authority that this series will soon be released in graphic novel form, so be sure to check back with us to be the first to get your hands on a copy.

Ryan Seacrest and Twilight

Today I was driving to work and listening to Ryan Seacrest's radio show, when he suddenly started reading an expert from Twilight. I can't help but wonder, why? I know that he is all things Hollywood with his American Idol, America's Top 40, Rockin'Eve with Ryan Seacrest, the E! News show, and countless of other business endeavors, but seriously! When did he become the expert on all things literary? I can't help but wonder if he is getting any kick backs from the movie people to be promoting this book. I want to know, do you think it's at all bizarre that Ryan Seacrest would start reading passages from a best selling book on a pop radio station? I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback, because I'm baffled.

If you're interested, check out the trailer for the movie Twilight on our MySpace page, or visit our catalog to reserve a copy of the book.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Macbeth illustrated by Ken Hoshine

Three weeks ago if you would have asked me if Shakespeare and graphic novels went together, I would have thought you were crazy. Then a version of Macbeth came across my desk and I became a believer.

Put out by the same people that bring you SparkNotes, this is an illustrated version of Shakespeare’s most infamous, whiny hero. Despite having an unnatural attachment to the world’s most recognized playwright, I’m from the mentality that plays are best watched instead of read. I’ve always felt that something was lost or at least missing when I’m holding the script instead of watching the scene. With Hoshine’s interpretation, it’s as if you are watching the play frame by frame. Forget Cliffs Notes and SparkNotes, this version uses Shakespeare’s original text word for word and makes it easier to understand.

If you are having trouble understanding this play, or love it so much that you are looking for a fresh face on this classic, this graphic novel is the way to go.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Under my umbrella

Being the most eclectic music fan known to man kind, I am constantly rocking out to something all the time. In my car, at my house, sitting at the reference desk, you name it. I'm either listening, singing or trying to get the "ear worms" out of my head. I have decided to share my random music preference by featuring a song or music artist of the week. With the weather outside today being all gloomy and rainy, Scott Simon's version of "Umbrella" is definitely the way to go.

Don't get me wrong, I am an avid Rihanna fan. Just this morning I was blasting "Please Don't Stop the Music" while zipping in and out of traffic, but she has nothing on Scott Simon. His take could mellow out the most highly stessed soul and will probably be a song that fathers and daughters will dance to on wedding days. It will change your view on pop music forever. Feel free to check it out on our MySpace page!

If you listen to something that really rocks your socks, please recommend it to me! I love hearing new stuff, and I want to know what you think we should feature.

Think you know vampires? Guess again!

The Otherworldlies by Jennifer Kogler

Forget everything you think you know about vampires! Great for Halloween, this book has you checking over your shoulder to see if your eccentric neighbor may be harboring an ancient secret. Fern's secretive history has her wondering on what side she will stand, and with opposing forces fighting for her soul, it's hard to know where evil ends and good begins. Fern's unique physical characteristics make it hard to hide, and this action packed story will have you guessing to see what happens next. If only the reason I was so pale was because I was a vampire...

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