Monday, July 13, 2009


Can you knock down all the points bloxes without letting the sheep fall?
I can’t. Keeping those sheep up there is difficult. Any suggestions?
Yes. The Mentor Public Library added a few more games to their ever growing (though slowly growing) collection. Boom Blox Party is for the Nintendo Wii and you get to throw, snap, fire, and other fun actions to knock down blox, beams, and yes, you can fling the characters around. (I know. I checked!)
The nice thing is you can start with the group game right off the bat. Just one little training session and you are set to go. There is a co-op mode and a versus mode for multi player games. I highly recommend Boom Blox party for any party. Rated for Cartoon violence anyone who can hold a Wii remote can manage to have fun with this game.

Put yourself on the holds list for Boom Blox here!

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