Monday, August 29, 2011

Graphic Novels are like Potato Chips

Graphic Novels, for me, are like potato chips. You can never have just one.

Unless you don’t like the flavor. There are some that are a quick read and some that take a lot of thought. Plotlines and art style differ from series to series, some read from left to right, some from right to left. Some art is very detailed an every page is overwhelming, some have very sparse art and let the reader fill in the details.

I like graphic novels for the same reason I like books. You get pulled into a world filled with interesting people and you get to travel with them as they grow through out the story. And just like with books you get to pick genres and styles of writing/drawing.

I like books with strong characters who to quote author Sarah Rees Brennan “are Flawsome.” (both flawed and awesome.) I like worlds with a ton of history and thought put in even if I’m not reading every little detail about the world, you can tell when the author knows. I like books with adventures and mysteries and fantastical creatures and normal creatures. So I read graphic novels like that too.

You can browse the shelves in the teen area or you can see the whole list by doing a subject search for Graphic Novels in the catalog. And while we have over 2,000 volumes we don’t have everything, which is where Search Ohio (our interlibrary loan program) comes in. Other Ohio libraries are willing to lend books out to you. You just have to ask them.

Miss Amy

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