Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Mentor Public Library has acquired 5 copies of the New Moon original motion picture soundtrack.
New Moon mania has arrived at my home. My daughter wore the Edward T-shirt she received on her birthday and attended the midnight premiere. She also received for her 18th birthday the New Moon CD. She still continues to nag me about reading the Stephenie Meyer books. I keep planning on reading them, but Life gets in the way. I should really take the time and read them because it is something my daughter wants to share with me. I did see tAdd Imagehe Twilight movie with her and was surprised that I liked it. Saw it twice actually.
Before I bought the New Moon CD I listened to some of the songs on the soundtrack. I am NOT a fan of Meet me on Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie. This monotonous tune and its chorus “ Everything, Everything Ends” made me wish the song ended quicker than the almost 4 minutes of playtime. I think this song is reminiscent of David Bowies’ songs from the 70s. I wasn’t a fan of those either.
However, the catchy beat of Violet Hour by Sea Wolf and the haunting melody of Slow Life by Grizzly Bear were very unique. My favorite song on the soundtrack was by an artist, fairly new to the scene, Anya Marina. Her husky, raspy whispery voice in Satellite Heart is the perfect accompaniment to the low-key, simple guitar licks. Her lyrics are about love, loneliness and loyalty. You really feel her sadness, but it sounds like the guy is not worth all the anguish.
Satellite Heartby Anya Marina
So pretty/so smartSuch a waste of a young heart!What a pity / what a shamWhat’s the matter with you, man?
Don’t you see it’s wrong/ can’t you get it right?Out of mind and outta sightCall on all your girls, don’t forget the boysPut a lid on all that noise!
I’m a satellite heart/ lost in the darkI’m spun out so far/ you stop, I startBut I’ll be true to you
I hear you’re living out of state, running in a whole new sceneThey say i haven’t slept in weeks, you’re the only thing i see
I’m a satellite heart/ lost in the darkI’m spun out so far/ you stop, I startBut I’ll be true to youI’m a satellite heart/ lost in the darkI’m spun out so far/ you stop I startBut I’ll be true to you no matter what you do/ yeah I’ll be true to you…Oooooooooo
Hey, check out her beautiful video of the song on Anya Marina’s red, red lips match her red, red nails; a stark contrast to her bleached white hair against the backdrop of orange, red and yellow fall leaves. I just wished she would have cut those long, long bangs to reveal her pretty, pretty face.
Other sounds on the soundtrack are: Friends (Band of Skulls) -- Hearing damage (Thom Yorke) -- Possibility (Lykke Li) -- A white demon love song (The Killers) – I belong to you (New Moon remix) (Muse) -- Rosyln (Bon Iver & St. Vincent) -- Done all wrong (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) -- Monsters (Hurricane Bells) -- Shooting the moon (OK Go) -- No sound but the wind (Editors) -- New moon (the meadow) (Alexandre Desplat).
REMEMBER TO REQUEST A HOLD ON THIS SOUNDTRACK. It is sure to be a popular item among our collection.

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