Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tweens have fashion sense

Recently went to a local mall and it seemed it had been turned into a venue for fashion week. Boy, do you kids know how to dress up into what I call a real art form, yet each person still managed to maintain their individuality despite the similar fashion sense of the group they were hanging out with.

There was the "scene look," which I am told is only about two years old. Tweens/teens wearing their dark hair in a shag-angle cut, flattened very straight. Their dark, heavy makeup matched the dark clothes accented by bright neon colors. A really rockin' and confident look.

The "preppy and popular" group dressed in light-colored, fitted, cowboyish, expensive brand-name clothing brought a smile to my face. I would describe this group as "flirty, bouncy and bright" wearing their Ugg boots and knit caps.

A crossover group of tween/teens seemed to have taken the best of both worlds and made it their own. One girl wore a long shirt dress, leggings, leg warmers with boots. The ensemble was accented with bright pieces of jewelry and long necklaces. This bohemian look was very pretty and feminine.

Thankfully I only saw two boys wearing those low-riding jeans with their boxers revealed. Dare I hope that fashion fad is on its way out. Anyway, great job kids! You are not only expressive, but fashion forward and I admire your initiative to be creative.

If you would like more accurate observations on current fashion trends check out the Feb/March issues of Girls Life and Discovery Girls magazines in the MPL Main Children's Department.

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