Saturday, January 30, 2010

Styling hair is an artform

I came across a beautiful book of about hair fashion illustrated and written by collage artist Terence Lawlor.
The fairytale-type setting takes place inside a palace full of lords and ladies with nothing better to do than pursue the latest trends in high fashion...especially hair fashion.
A monthly contest is held to name the top fashionista...mainly it is between three divas who regulary win the prize. These cold-hearted women were nicknamed by the social set as The Vanities. Their secret to their success and glory was an orphan child with a talent for hairstyling they "adopted."
Read how this orphan teaches the vanities a lesson in how to not be a fashion victim. This adorable Cinderella-like story is visually pleasing accompanied by lilting, humerous rhymes.

Signing Off,
Mrs. V.

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