Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go for the Gold, Be an Olympic Reader

Hello Tweens!
I watched the Men's Singles Short Program Figure Skating Olympic competition last night. What a tough sport. Some may think the event is just an artistry and not a sport, but I would definitely disagree. Can you imagine performing triple axles and quads in front of thousands and knowing millions are watching and critiquing your performance in probably the most important event of your athletic career? The strength and power of their technical routines must match the artistic flow and expression of their performance. I would not want to be in their skates. I am sure it is tougher than it looks. Loved the passionate performance of the second place finisher USA Evan Lysacek. The first place finisher Russian Evgeni Plushenko didn't WOW me as much as Lysacek, but he must have had a little something more for the judges.
I was prepared to not like Lysacek, based upon my opinion on some soundbites, that he was arrogant, but when he finished his performance with tears in eyes, I reassessed my opinion. I guess a good athlete needs to be sure and confident about him/her self. One has to be to compete in front millions. These athletes truly care about being the best at what they do, and I guess I can't fault them on being a little proud of a job well done. After all they commit much of their lives to working hard to achieve a goal and when they do they are going to want to crow about it. I respect Lysacek on "walking the talk." I am glad he did well. He made our country proud.

To join the ride to Olympic glory, the Main Library children's department and the branches are conducting a reading incentive program called Go for the Gold! Be an Olympic Reader. Enter a chance to win some official Olympic prizes, t-shirt, pins and a stuffed toy moose with every five books or more checked out. Check out our website for more information. Drawing to be held on Monday, March 1, 2010.

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Mrs. V

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