Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Love of a Dog

I miss my dog. I miss her a lot. Though she passed away two years ago at the age of 12 ½ years old, I sometimes still look for her face pasted against the front door window when I pull into the driveway. Sometimes at night I will get out of bed and do a shuffling step to determine where she is laying by my bed so I do not trip. Then I realize she won’t be there and there is no need to be careful.

I have owned dogs all of my life. I presume I will continue to have them until I am too old to take care of them. Life seems easier to handle with a dog by your side. Sometimes I prefer to hang out with a dog than some people I know. They are good company. Dogs do not live very long, but I believe the wonderful, funny memories and the unconditional love they give you far outweigh the heartache of their loss. The lessons they teach are invaluable. I recently watched one of our newest DVD releases we have at the library, “Hachi, a dog’s tale.” The movie is adapted from a true story of a dog born in Japan named Hachiko. Children’s author Pamela S. Turner wrote the story “Hachiko, the true story of a loyal dog” after her visit in Tokyo. The true story is about a dog that waited for his deceased master to arrive at the train station for 10 years.
The film Hachi touches on many elements of Turner‘s story, but the setting takes place in a small NY community. Nevertheless, the story moved me. The devotion and love between a dog and his owner is beautifully portrayed in the film. I have no doubt that the love between Hachiko and his owner was so strong that it was the impetus for a dog to meet the train for 10 years in the hope his owner would be there. Get ready to get the Kleenex out for the children’s book and the film…tears will fall. The story of Hachi brought back some wonderful memories of all the dogs that have passed through my life. Their love I will cherish always in my heart. Yes, I really miss the company of my old dog Babe.

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