Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poem book hits the right chord

Hello Tween,
I love the rhythm of poetry...the way poems can make the words sing.

I have recently read a new book of original poems called “Dizzy in Your Eyes” by children’s book author Pat Mora that I would highly recommend. There are about 50 poems which convey many universal experiences of tween/teens.
Written in a variety of forms, these poems touch on love for sports and family; admiration for teachers; the loss of a loved one; the giddiness of first love and the pain of heartache. I can guarantee there will be at least one poem for you that will hit the right chord.
My Song
by Pat Mora

So many memories,
and I’m still young.
So many dreams,
my song’s just begun.

Sometimes I hear
my private melody grow,
then the sound vanishes,
but returns, I now know.

I’ve heard my heart break;
wounded, I’ve felt alone,
but slowly I learned
to thrive on my own.

I want to keep learning,
to deepen my song;
in whatever I work,
may my best self grow strong.........

(check out this book and read the rest of Mora’s stanzas for this poem)

Checking Out,
Mrs. V

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