Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trend Alert!!!!

Hello Tweens,
Some of you already know this….but the Silly Bandz craze has hit Lake County. For the past three weeks I have seen a huge increase of kids coming into the Children’s Department with multiple rubber bands in different colors strung out along their forearms. Then to my surprise they take these rubber bands off and they immediately revert back into a shape.
According to my Google research efforts Silly Bandz is a brand of silicone rubber bands formed to make shapes of animals, objects and letters. They are worn as “tight, tight” bracelets by elementary, middle school and high school students. These “bracelets” come in different shapes, colors and themes and can be found in most drugstores.
Several kids that have come to visit me have worn their whole collection of Silly Bandz along their arms like sleeves. Apparently they are becoming collectible and many kids are trading with other kids for Silly Bandz they don’t have.
I had a conversation with MPL patrons and sisters Anna and Patricia Hadzinski about why they are riding this trend.
“I like them because there are different shapes and sizes and they are really COOL,” said Anna.
Patricia likes to trade some of her Silly Bandz to get “better ones.” One she will not give up is her elephant-shaped Silly Bandz. Anna’s favorites are her cowboy and horse Silly Bandz.
Silly Bandz was first sold online in November 2009 then gained in popularity in Alabama. They moved east that same year. As of April 2010, Silly Bandz sold the bracelets to 8,000 U.S. stores and now they are here gaining popularity.
Well, I see why you like them…let me know if you can find any Silly Bandz that are in the shape of a hamster. Fuzzy might like it.

Checking Out,
Mrs. V

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