Monday, July 19, 2010

Tweens get soaked at MPL

Hello Tweens,

Had a great time at the WaterWorld Games held July 16 at the Read House. Some of you were VERY persistent in getting me soaked with the water balloons and water guns. Next year I am going to make this event bigger and better. About 400 water balloons were depleted within 15 minutes. It was great fun! Below is an article I wrote about the day with pictures that I sent out to various newspapers. Hope it gets published. Some of the pictures will soon be placed on the library Facebook page. Stay cool like Mrs. V.
Tweens soak up the sun at library

MENTOR-Taking a defensive position while standing back to back upon the lawn strewn with balloon fragments, sisters Kristen and Kerri Halick were ready to soak the nearest boy in their vicinity. After depleting their supply of water balloons, each sister was equipped with a fully loaded water gun and they knew how to use them. Someone was going to get wet.
More than 30 tweens attended the Mentor Public Library WaterWorld Games July 16 held at the neighboring Read House. Hundreds of water balloons and water guns were used in an hour-long skirmish.
“It was really fun getting soaked in the hot sun,” Venkat Suru said.
Craig Vandemark also agreed the above 80-degree day made for perfect conditions to soak his opponents.
“It was really fun and I liked the water balloons,” he said.Suru and Vandemark had to constantly look over the backs for one sneaky challenger, Raghav Malik.
“I came here to soak everyone,” Malik said. “The water balloons were the best. They worked really well because water guns only do a little damage.”
By the end of the program, the Halick sisters were able to achieve their common goal.
“We came here to get very wet,” said Kristen.

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