Thursday, November 13, 2008

Advice from a bunch of Kooks

For this week's song choice I was completely inspired by a recent trip I took to the United Kingdom. I spent the last week touring London, soaking in the fashion and the stellar accents. Everywhere you go, there are people with their iPhones rocking out to their favorite tunes. I was amazed by how much American music infiltrates British culture and was a little disappointed that I wasn't overwhelmed with new and exciting sounds. Two days before I left I was riding the subway when it stalled out and we were stuck for a good half an hour. While stranded, I ended up meeting three "footballers" from Wales who filled me in on some of Britain's finest modern musicians. The song of the week is called "Naive" and is preformed by a group called the Kooks. I am so glad those rowdy athletes have great taste in music and I hope all you can imagine strolling down cobbled streets and riding double-decker buses when you hear this tune, featured on our MySpace page.
If you are interested in listening to other musicians from the UK, there are other great artists such as the Darknes, Girls that Scream, Lunarblues, Adele, DragonForce, M.I.A, Paul Oakenfold and Coldplay. MPL has many of these artists in our collection, so be sure to visit our branches.

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