Monday, November 3, 2008

Talk about progressive!

The song of the week for this week is from one of my favorite prog-rock bands, Coheed and Cambria. Progressive rock is not for the faint of heart. It can be intense. What makes this form of rock "progressive" is that an entire album is centered off one central theme. Pink Flyod launched the prog-rock movement with their album Dark Side of the Moon which was completely inspired by space. As the movement grew the music became darker and heavier, and artists started seeking inspiration for more abstract sources. The band Mastodon created a metal album entirely about Moby Dick.

What makes Coheed and Cambria so amazing is that the creators wrote the music as a way to increase sales of their graphic novel series, Coheed and Cambria. The band blew up in the prog-rock metal market, and now the graphic novel series is released in limited addition. No one could have expected that authors could have created such a musical phenomenon.

For those of you interested in beginning your experience with prog-rock, check out Coheed and Cambria's "The Suffering" on our MySpace page. If you fall in love with this band like I did, check out their albums from our catalog.

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