Friday, November 21, 2008

(kind of) Twilight junkie

I hopped on the Twilight bandwagon pretty early. I didn't pick it up because I heard it was good, the plot intrigued me so I decided to read it (actually I listened to the first three. Ilyana Kadushin, the narrator, isn't the greatest but she's not bad. She has an interesting voice and tries to distinguish between the characters). Then we heard a movie was being made. And you know, I'm not much for following the crowds, but I think the popularity has actually created more of an appeal for me. Seeing the actors grace the covers of all the rags that I see when I'm checking out at the grocery store stirred my desire to see the movie. And I'm gonna see the movie. Except, from the pictures I've seen of the actors, Rosalie doesn't quite live up to the person I was picturing in my mind. Actually, none of the other vampires do either. Their puffy coats and ultra coiffed hair don't scream "seasoned vampire" to me. Let's just hope their acting makes up for it. Are you going to see the movie? Have you already? Tell me what you thought! And please agree that Jasper needs to get a haircut.


Anonymous said...

I saw the movie it was amazing the romance between Edward and Bella's forbidden love is so cute. And you are hearing this from a 11 year old!! But it is the best my Mom went to the library and got the book that is backstage of the movie!! The athour said that everyone picturees vampires looking all ugly and scary. But those books and movies are showing a different species of vampiers to me! SO GO SEE THE MOVIE AND READ ALL THE BOOKS!!!! TRUST ME!!! THE BOOKWORM FREAK!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi its the Bookworm freak again who ever wrote that thing abotu junkie twilight u are so wrong!!! Please re write that!! Oh and by the way twilight is on dvd and bluray NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Bookworn freak one more time!!! That picture is on a weird angle they look better in the movie