Thursday, January 29, 2009

I heart I Heart Daily

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like everything you are doing is leading you to some small step to a great discovery? Welcome to my day.

I had a customer come up to me and ask me if I knew anything about who created roller blades. Being a person who will only run if there is a fire, exercise isn't my thing and of course I was clueless. So I visited my favorite website ever, Word Book Online. From there I found began my journey into Wonderland. I followed some random link to this invention website,, which by itself wasn't really exciting but the link on THAT sight was. It showed me what people in Mentor were checking out web wise that day, and at the top of the list was my ever beloved I'm glad I followed the yellow brick road to my fave page because, like always, they led me to the mother of all coolness:

What is I Heart Daily? It is this amazing website where every single day they keep you in the know about what is happening. Celebrities, fashion, music, books, movies, you name it, they talk about it. I know, I know, it sounds very familiar to the fabulous page you are currently reading, just with more entries right? Here's the kicker. It is the "they" that makes this site amazing. "They" are teenagers and college students. As a relatively young person (cough), I really like being in the know from people who don't have to ask their kids what's hot but actually wear it themselves. Want a bonus? They are nice! With a tag line like "You'll never hear about the stuff we hate, just the stuff we heart", how can you not love them?

And I do. I heart I Heart Daily.

BTW, in case were wondering, roller blades (aka in line skates) were originally created in 1760 by a man named James Plimpton. I also heart stories with compete, full circle endings!

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