Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Book banning Chris Brown? I think not!

What is wrong with people!?!

96.5 KISS FM has joined Wrigley's by giving Chris Brown the boot. I think this is fantastic, but apparently their are plenty of people who disagree. Every time I hear people calling the radio station and complaining, all I can think is, are you kidding me? Here's the thing, if you still want to listen to a man who made his girlfriend unconscious, that's your business. If his being in jail doesn't at all make you think less of his music, I guess on some level I get it. One doesn't necessarily have something to do with the other. Seriously, no one really cares that Lil Wayne has gone to jail a thousand times. What bothers me about all the gripping I'm hearing is that people are bothered that a radio station is taking a stand.

A competing new station has said that KISS is just trying to boost their ratings with this controversy. I seriously doubt it since Clear Channel has a history of not playing shady people before (does anyone remember their stance on R. Kelly?) but even if they are, so what? They are a private company. It's their choice to play what they want.

Some random listener actually compared KISS to book banning. You have got to be joking. I'm just going to assume that's because that genius doesn't understand what book banning actually is. Just because one radio station decided not to feature an artist isn't the same as a government preventing people from purchasing books or regulating ideas. KISS has not suddenly created a law saying that you can no longer access Chris Brown from iTunes, or by his CD from Target, or even check him out from us. They are just saying they aren't going to help this guy get rich and famous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they selectively choose what music they play? When we don't hear Mastodon or ZZ Top on their station, do we think they are infringing on our civil liberties? NO! They have the right to play what they want, or not play what they want. That's what happens with private companies. The only people they need to rectify their playlist to is their sponsors and themselves.

And if it is some big advertising stunt, I say good for them. How can any one think taking a stand against domestic violence as a marketing tactic is a bad thing? I can think of far worse.

What do you think? Has KISS taken it too far? Are you still listening to Chris Brown?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think the problem is in the way KISS FM handled it. If they just stopped playing his music I doubt anyone would have noticed. I think it's not solely a publicity stunt. But they did annouce it for the publicity.

MPL Tweens said...

Anonymous -
You do have a point there, they probably wouldn't have noticed, but that makes me admire their steps all the more. I think it's great that they weren't afraid to say to people "Hey, Chris Brown's behavior sucks". People should make it known that enough is enough. Hopefully their actions will make others take a stand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
- Tina H. from MPL Tweens

Anonymous said...

I think that Kiss is taking it way too far. Chris did commit the crime but he has apologized and was honest about the situation. I think people should just let it go and let him live his life. Why ban his music because of a situation? His music is great and should be allowed to play. He's human just like everybody esle. He's not perfect. All Kiss is doing is hyping the incident up and trying to prolong it. Im pretty sure he isnt the only one in the industry who has physically abused a loved one, not saying that it is right but sayin that its over. Rihanna went back to him after the incident which states that she has forgiven him of what he's done and I think it's time that the world does to and not hold this against him for the rest of his life.