Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chewing the fat on Jessica Simpson

Does anyone else think that Jessica Simpson is getting a bad rap?
I know she's not the smartest, funniest, or most talented person to walk the earth, but of all the things she isn't, fat is one of them. There has to be a serious problem with our world when a woman who tops at 135lbs has gossip websites and style experts calling for gastric bypass surgery. Seriously, if we hadn't seen her in her Daisy Dukes, this wouldn't even be an issue. The gossip around her is disgusting and complete lunacy. There is no big mystery to what happened here. She's not depressed, she's not going through a crisis, she a woman who no longer feels the need to starve herself to feel hot. Correct me if I'm wrong, but she is still smaller then Marilyn Monroe, and isn't Mar still a fashion icon for women every where? And isn't a major reason why women deprive themselves from a healthy lifestyle is so that they can attract a man? I don't see Tony Romo having a problem with her figure, so perhaps, World, men aren't nearly as shallow as society wants them to be.
Let's tell it like it is. Having some curves is not the same thing as being fat. Jessica Simpson is no Santa Clause, so let's stop pretending this is some great tragedy. The only thing tragic aboutJessica Simpson is that she thinks it's trendy to wear Mom jeans.


skinny said...

I agree, those jeans are awful. But still there's no denying that she put on too much weight. You probably wouldn't notice if you neighbour put on that weight, but you kind of expect more from someone that wouldn't be famous without having a great body earlier.

MPL Tweens said...

Skinny -

Thanks for your feedback, but I still have to disagree that it is "too much weight". It's not like she gained 300 pounds, she gained 15. I do agree with you though that when you are in the public eye, you are aking for extra attention.
- Tina H. from MPL