Monday, February 9, 2009

Kicking Chris Brown to the Curb.

I think everyone knows why Rihanna and Chris Brown didn't make it to the Grammy's this year. As much as I want to talk about how despicable and horrendous I find Chris Brown's behavior to be, as much as I want to say that I will NEVER listen to his music again by choice, I am going to refrain myself. Instead I want to say good job to Wrigley's Gum.
As soon as they found out what went down yesterday, they stopped running Brown' s "Doublemint" commercial. I'm glad that Wrigley's thinks that bite marks only belong on their gum, not their spokespersons girlfriend. It's nice to see a company who wants their reps to be decent people. They want their image to be sold by a person who is worth looking at. It's about time we saw a business look out for humanity and not just their profits.

I wasn't a gum person before, but now thanks to their morality I will be. I didn't know major corporations still cared about individuals and are willing to say that violence is not the answer. Now that's what I call Doublemint Fun.

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