Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Touched by the Veronicas

Have you ever heard a song that gives you a sensory memory?

I am all about that Veronicas' song "Untouched". It's not just because it has a rockin' beat. It's not just because there is no way you can sing to the chorus and not shake your head like a wanna be 80's punk rocker (go ahead and try, I dare you). I love that this band is two sisters singing their hearts out. That song totally takes me back to when I was ten years old, dancing in my parent's living room with my sister.

Every time I hear it I flash back to this Paula Abdul song "Two Steps Forward". Back in the day, when MTV played videos and not reality TV, that song's video had Paula and a cartoon fox dancing with each other. At the time, my sister had an imaginary friend Robin who just so happened to be a fox. Not the "oh my he's hot" kind of fox, but the actual red tail, four legged critter fox. So of course after we saw that video we HAD to dance like it. She was always Paula and I was always the fox (kind of prophetic, since I'm so foxy! *cough*). It is one of my greatest memories, rocking out with my sister.

I know there is nothing musically similar between these two songs, but I love how hearing these sisters sing makes me think of my sister. I think it's really cool that they not only make good music, but they still have fun with each other. They make me remember a simpler time, when dance contests really did rule the world.

I may have to call my sister for a little dance off....

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ברכה said...

exactly,,graet song and just as u said i would like go crazy dancing with my sis again..but she is marry so..