Friday, December 19, 2008

K-Rock, what are you thinking?

I don't know if anyone has checked out K-Rock 92.3 lately, but there have been some serious changes. In protest to the excessive amount of talk radio that has been added to their competition, they have eliminated all of their DJ's, with the exception of their morning show. That's right, no more Mighty Eight at Eight, no more Rachel Steele, no more Verlane. Just music and the occasional commercial. On principal this is not a bad idea. FM stations should be about the music. However, a little talk is not a bad thing. It heightens the overall music experience. I like to know when a new album is being released, what the inspiration for the song was and which bassist is leaving which band. Also, because they have more time to fill, the station has expanded their play list. Again, not a bad idea, but the day you turn on an alternative radio station and the Counting Crows comes on, that's the day you invest in an iPod. Seriously, K-Rock, what's the deal? Music fans, tell me, do you agree? If you don't maybe you can explain their reasoning to me. Either way, I'd love to know.

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