Friday, December 19, 2008

Tugging String

I LOVE this book!
One of the more ingenious historical fiction books in a long time, David R. Greenberg presents a memorable story about growing up in the Civil Rights era. Not only does he tell a powerful story of twelve-year old Duvy, which in and of itself is a fantastic tale, but it's the presentation of historical information that really makes this book a gem. This is historical fiction re-invented. Instead of bombarding you with facts in the story, Greenberg uses footnotes to fill you in what was happening in the 1960’s. It's almost as if he's assuming he has a smart audience and uses the footnotes to fill in the gaps rather then trying to stuff a decade into the plot. Not everyone needs to have history spelled out for them, and Greenburg seems to respect that. Being able to choose when you want to be taken away from the story for a history lesson really makes the read enjoyable. Another bonus feature to this book is that he also includes numerous real life photographs from the time period.

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