Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twilight + Robert Pattison = Heaven

On Monday I went and saw the Twilight movie. OMG. That's all I can say. Any one who has read the books can tell you that Stephenie Meyer is a supernatural master. I don't know a single person who has read them and been disappointed. But that is always the downfall of a great book; you run the risk of the movie being a bust. This movie was a bust alright. It busted through any worry I had and wowed me beyond belief. Not only was Robert Pattison hot, hot, hot, (come on ladies, that was a given!) but this film was intense. Even though I knew what was coming, I gasped, cringed, and wanted to become immortal. I don't care that the characters didn't look like how I imagined. I hardly noticed because I was so sucked in, pardon the pun. And don't even get me started on the music. Paramore, Linkin Park, and whatever the name is of Robert Pattison's band as background music is a guaranteed off the charts listening experience. You have to see it. It should be a law. This movie proves that there is still a place for a low budget film. All you need is a hot leading man, a stellar soundtrack, and a killer story.

On a little side note, Edward in the light is amazing. Bella is so lucky.


darkconx said...

I love this movie Twilight..
Robert Pattison Im your #1 fan..
GoodLuck And I hope you can do more movie like twilight..

Ali said...

LIKE OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now every time I look at the breath-taking Robert Pattinson AKA Edward Cullen all iI can think is, "Why the heck cant I ,yes ME , be Bella? For goodness sake, I'm the same height, I am also a danger-magnet thats sure to fall off a gianormous cliff that wasn't there a second a go when my big sis was just there! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO and WAY BEYOND MORE HUGS AND KISSES TO ROBERT PATTINSON!!

MPL Tweens said...

Ali -
Bella is one lucky girl, for sure! Thanks so much for your comment. It's nice to know I'm not the only danger magnet out there!
- Tina H from MPL Tweens

Anonymous said...

i like the movie very much!! i didn't read the book but i can imagine...the movie is so great!!!

twilight fanatic said...

The Twilight series is the best and most amazing series I have ever read! The story is a-maz-ing! Anyway I am a huge fan and have read the books at least like four times each but Im sorry the movie just was not that great. The books were full of passion and expression and the movie well lets just say it lacked all that. By saying this though I am definitely not dissing the cast. Let me be clear, Robert Pattinson is really hot and is a good actor, I just think a little more passion could have been included in the movie.

MPL Tweens said...


I can see what you're saying about the passion, but may I remind you of that kissing seen? Talk about passion! The person I thought who could have stepped it up a notch was the Bella character.

Thank's for the feedback. It's always great to see what other fans think!

-Tina H

Anonymous said...

omg robert pattison he is so hot

Zoe said...

i agree with you an that. but i kind of wish that we could know what happens to Renesmee. you know, when she is all grown up and living of on her own. you have read the series right? 'Cause you can't call it heaven until you do.

lion and the lamb 21 said...

you said you haven't seen anyone who hates Twilight, but some kids in my class say it like a virus and they are lucky they are immune. But i wonder if there just pushing my buttons, or if they have even read it.

MPL Tweens said...

Lion and the Lamb 21 -
That's interesting. It makes me wonder if maybe those people are embarrased that they are into vampires. Unfortunately there is a stigma against science fiction and fantasy. I'm glad to see that the majority of the public isn't afraid to love their imaginations!

- Tina H.

Lisa said...

mygod.. ♡____♡
I did first just heard of the movie, and my first though was "I just HAVE to see it!". Then my friend had it on her computer, so we watched it! It felt like I was obsessed in a while... I think it is because it's SO romantic.. tehee.. It's just that im a little bit to lazy to read the books, i'm like not a bookworm exactly, haha, u know? But i've read some pages .. In like Twiligt, New Moon AND Eclipse.. haha ;') I can't wait until the second movie >:)


twilighter said...

I have read all the books but I havent seen the movie and i really want to. i am counting down the days till it comes out on DVD. lot's of people well not lots just my brother says the movie sucks...but i kinda hope hes wrong.


P.S. Edward Cullen Rocks and Robert Pattison.

MPL Tweens said...

Lisa - If you're not a big reader then you should check out the audio books. There is so much extra good stuff in the books you will LOVE it!

Twilighter - Not to knock your brother, but he's wrong. The movie is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
- Tina H. from MPL

Anonymous said...

twilight is the best movie created! stephanie meyer is a genius, how can she just have a dream and suddenly bcreate such a-a-a movie heaven!
well rob patt i am your no1 fan!
my mate peferes peter fallenchi but hey thats her problem!
amber parry xx