Saturday, March 14, 2009

An America Next Top Model shocker!

This past Wednesday most horrendous, unspeakable, and evil thing happened on America's Next Top Model. It was makeover day and *gasp* Tyra cut off the hair of one of the contestants! OMG!

Bleh! Every season it is the same thing. Tyra cuts someones hair off because she "loves their bone structure" and every year these girls are surprised and devastated that it happened. Have they never seen ANTM? It's the same every year. Two girls go short, two go blond, one goes red and white girls learn how painful it is to wear weaves.

I don't know, maybe it's because of my fabulous Jay Leno chin, but I dig short hair. I have never burst into tears because a cut wasn't quite what I expected. And let me tell you, I have had some wicked styles over the years. I want to be trendy, so I try the fads. My life is a 50/50 split of good cuts versus bad cuts. I should mention that I grew up during the days when perms were hot, so if that doesn't tell you about some of the disastrous photos that have been taken of me, I don't know what will. I would have killed to have a fashion icon like Tyra Banks tell me how I should style myself. She may be annoying, but she knows her stuff.

As much as I gripe about this episode every season, I do love it. It's the only time during the cycle that I look at those girls and think I've got more going on then they do. Talk about a shocker!

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