Monday, March 9, 2009

Falling into Garth Nix

The Fall by Garth Nix
Imagine that you live in a world completely encased in darkness because a magical Veil blocks out the sun. The world is so cold and destitute that the land is covered in ice. They only way to destroy the Veil is to dismantle the Keystones that keep it in place found at the top of a castle's towers. Oh yeah, and that castle has a room for people to be punished, called the Hall of Nightmares. Ever wonder it would be like to not be able to wake up from your worst dream? Talk about punishment.

If you think your life is rough, check out this series. The Seventh Tower books were recommended to me by a guy who knows the difference between good fantasy and a wonderfully consuming story. Nix creates a world so complex and intriguing that you actually get chills as you read them.

Want to climb the towers? Then check this series out.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Amy Says: Keys to the Kingdom is better. Longer too. Abhorsen is the best however.