Friday, March 27, 2009

Steinbeck's Ghost

Steinbeck's Ghost by Lewis Buzbee

"Rule number one when saving the world: always have cookies" - Lewis Buzbee

Here is a very recent historical fiction novel that plays homage to a man who helped create public libraries in the United States: John Steinbeck. A few years ago, Salida Regional Library, the first public library system in America, almost had to shut it's doors forever because of financial problems. Sounds familiar, right? This book tells the story of how a community united together to fight against its destruction. The fight is led by a young man named Travis who had the courage to stand up for what is right. We see how one person really does have the ability to make life altering changes in his community, especially if we can push fear aside and take a chance. It's even more vital when the choice is not easy and the odds are stacked against you. After all, isn't that the truest definition of success?

Talk about your library lovers book.

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