Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Battling for Miss Independent

Ne-Yo or Kelly Clarkson.... Ne-Yo or Kelly Clarkson...

Yesterday I was cruising downtown to see the parade when the Ne-Yo, "Miss Independent" song came on. I really dig that song. I can't listen to it and not head groove a little. So while I'm rocking out St Paddy's style, I realized that the little computer on my car stereo said Kelly Clarkson, "Miss Independent". Weird, but I figured it was a glitch or something. Not exactly. That satellite link must have just been early because the very next song that came on was Kelly Clarkson's version of women who can do their own thing their own way, her "Miss Independent".

First off, who knew? Had it not been for my car stereo, I may have never noticed. Now that I have though, I have just one question. Why didn't the independent Clarkson get upset when Ne-Yo bogarted her song title? It seems a little shocking that a woman who wrote a song about standing up for herself and being her own person wouldn't want to stand up for her title. Now I'm not saying Ne-Yo stole anything. Miss Independent is a someone popular phrase, and the songs sound totally different. His is more fun, dancy, and appreciative, while hers is about angst, betrayal and despair. Not the same at all. But still. There's a lot to be said about a name.

So this week it is a battle of the Miss Independents for the song of the week. Give them a listen and let me know, which lady takes the cake?

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