Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

No doubt about it, the best part about working for a library is seeing stuff before everybody else does. I'd like to say it's being around people, or the free exchange of information and technology, and while all that's well and good, it's really the new stuff. We get paid to be on the cutting edge. In fact, people ship us stuff early, before it's even officially on the market, before they even do the final spell check, so we can get a taste of what's hot before the riots start at the check out counters. Bet you didn't know being a librarian instantly makes you VIP.

I just finished the coolest book of 2009 because of this pseudo-celeb status; The Reformed Vampire Support Group. It's due to come out mid-April. If you think you know vampires, you need to read this book. While Twilight makes the land of the undead seem intriguing, stealth, and sexy, Jinks shows you the side of vampires that won't make it to the romance section. Senior citizen vampires with walkers, vampires with mothers, and vampires with anxiety disorders entertain you from cover to cover as these characters are brought together through group therapy to thwart their desire to kill. No vampire book is complete without a little lycanthrope, and the werewolves in this book are just as hilarious and demented as the blood suckers. Throw in a little accidental staking and a spontaneous road trip and you have a recipe for success, along with a new found thirst for mortality.

Ready for some therapy? Get on the request list today!

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