Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seether crawls out from under the covers

This week I have been laid up with some HORRIBLE sinus disgustingness. (Oh, haven't you heard? When you're sick you can make up words). I don't know about the rest of you, but I hate being so sick that you can't do anything but watch daytime law shows who all have some sort of "shocking" DNA baby-momma-drama revelations. It causes a person's mind to wander in circles like a stationary bike.
Speaking of going around in circles, is anyone else a little done with the Flo Rida cover "Right Round"? It totally rips off that 80's song "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive. Great groovin' tune, but really, who are you fooling? Nothing original there except the scandalous lyrics.

Don't me wrong, I love a good cover, but call it what it is; somone else's. I firmly believe you can make a remake special and sometimes re-doing something is neccessary. When I shoot pool I call it the red-head-re-do, which I suppose really only applies to me, but there people who can do it right. There are bands who really know how to apply a fresh sound. Take "Careless Whisper". Seether, who I have loved way before that Amy Lee girl ever did, recreated a George Michael classic. I sort of wish that I could have heard this version first because it is so, so good. I can actually see them never dancing again, just standing there like melancholy wall flowers *sigh*. Mediocre song retold by a fantastic artist = great cover.

Sometimes really great songs are redone by even better artists. There is nothing like a music icon paying homage to a not-so-distant masterpiece. Think about the Johnny Cash remake of the Nine Inch Nails song, "Hurt". If his version doesn't make your heart ache, then no loss ever will. And I will never forget when I went to a Motely Crew concert and they opened up their show with System of a Down's "Suite-Pee". Midgets and clowns never seemed so right.

So here's for not covering up the good stuff, but for reinventing it, making "Careless Whisper" the song of the week.

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