Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To build Bridges, Cannonballs, and Tongues.


A short list of words to describe the World of Goo.

You build towers and bridges with balls of Goo. Millions of Goo balls. But not all at once. And they come in various colors. And they each have their own laws of physics, personality and hey they might even be sleeping. And you have to take into account gravity and weight and the wind. And it’s a challenge. It reminds me of Portal. And that is a good thing. It was short, sweet, and had more to do with puzzle solving than button mashing. (not that there’s anything wrong with a good button masher.)

Oh, and I watched the whole credits for the world of Goo. No, not because my husband has finally convinced me all good little gamers sit through the entire credits. I sat through the credits because before I realized the game was over, so were the credits.

Yes. The world of Goo is made by the 2D Boy game studio. There are 2 boys making video games. And they rock at it. Three cheers for 2d Boys and their gooey goodness.

Take a look and become a follower of the Goo!

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